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Mining Alliance Candidates

Mining Alliance consultants have significant amounts of both hands on mining operations experience AND/OR mining industry recruitment/HR experience and we are dedicated servicing the international mining industry with particular focus on the Australasian Region.

Mining Alliance differs to other services providers on two distinct points…

1. Our Focus:

Mining Alliance’s absolute focus on the one industry, guarantees our ability to be a genuinely understand your career aspirations and provide useful professional input in relation to your next career move.

This same focus guarantees we will be representing you to our clients in an informed professional manner whilst being able to provide you with the relevant market intelligence to both assist you with your career endeavors AND maximise your chances of success within the career path of your choosing.

2. Our Ethics:

Mining Alliance’s Charter of Ethics (see “The Mining Alliance Charter of Ethics“ page) is our clear and unwavering committed to the ethical delivery of services to MA’s stakeholders

As a Mining Alliance candidate, this specifically relates to you in the following manner…

Your details will NEVER be sent without your express permission in relation to…

(a) A specific opportunity of genuine interest to you with a client.
(b) A possible future opportunity of genuine interest with a client.

We will ALWAYS keep you updated on the progress or outcome of your application.
If mistakes are made, they will be addressed and resolved.